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Specializing in the Enhancement of Productive People

2-Part Basic Training Program - $99.99

Unlock the Hidden Powers of Your Mind and Gain a Competitive Edge

Shave extra seconds off of your best time. Convert stressful work anxiety into a positive attitude. Prepare yourself psychologically for the miracle of birth.

With Dr. Gary Beale's personalized Mind Games tapes, your personal goals, whatever they may be, are attainable.

Dr. Beale, the Chief Sport Psychology Consultant of the Sierra Center for Peak Performance in Reno, Nevada, has helped local, national and international athletes succeed. Some of his most notable work has been with NFL championship teams such as the St. Louis Rams, Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"Failure was not a word I enjoyed…I had a goal that I was not able to realize…with Dr. Gary Beale's personalized tape and visualization program…I set the world record in the bench press. Thank you, Dr. Beale, for the dream of a lifetime."

-Tammy Dianda, World Champion Powerlifter

Gary's performance-enhancing techniques have helped athletes improve their game through positive and practical imagery, conditioning and subliminal reinforcement. This powerful system is individually tailored to incorporate each person's distinctive goals, words, music and unique desires.

Gary's tapes, CDs and unlimited electronic consultations will teach you how to enter the ideal psychological state called "The Zone". In just four weeks, you can learn how to master three necessary skills:

  1. Voluntary Relaxation/Energy Control
  2. Mental Rehearsal
  3. Cognitive Restructuring (Attitude Enrichment)
"I have tried NLP seminars costing thousands and generic hypnosis tapes costing hundreds and this is the best that I have found because of the personalized attention..."

-Pamela Ludwig, Trader

Everyone who uses this training system is guaranteed to master the mental skills necessary to consistently perform at his or her best.

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